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Re: Minneapolis Population Growth - Onward to 500k!

Postby Ohiosotan » February 28th, 2020, 1:06 pm

A little harsh... ex Minneapolitan, now Columbusian - I would argue Short North is more vibrant and walkable than Uptown, North Loop, or NE.

Yes they lack the fancy stuff (trains and bike lanes) but the city is rapidly urbanizing. I would say its about 15 years behind Minneapolis in amenities. They haven't had to face being a city yet so they are warming up to it. It is also a metro area that is half the size of the Twin Cities but predicted to add another million people in the next 20 years. If we can keep 300k of that in the city center, thats an entirely new story.
It may seem harsh, but Columbus has been deferring improvements for a long time: the goal of 10,000 downtown residents has taken 20 years as of this year. And the thing about the Short North is that that's all there is for a vibrant (non-OSU) neighborhood in a city of 900k and it's been hyper-gentrified, not quite like its heyday in the 00s when I hung out there. Even though many of our districts aren't as extensive (Short North is still short at a mile long) I'd take all of the smaller districts here which each have their own flavor and add up to much more than a mile. Columbus has put off investing in the inner-city because annexations hide urban areas on the west, south, east and northeast sides hemorrhaging 1/5 to 1/4 of their populations as of the last 2010 census which one doesn't see when just looking at population totals for the city. Reaching a downtown population of 10,000 was a goal set 20 years ago and only being obtained today. That metric is similar to just about any other and it's hard to believe that in just 15 years they'll add another 40k and light rail and bikeways and repopulate most urban neighborhoods that have seen free-falling populations. Maybe things will start to accelerate, but I'm not seeing any indicators that would point towards that trend.

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