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WedgeLIVE Name Trademark

Postby hiawather » August 14th, 2018, 9:02 am

Ooops- Carol Becker accidentally tried to trademark WedgeLIVE, the name of one of her main critics! Poor Carol - could have happened to anyone! ... edge-live/

In a completely unrelated side, are we who believe in density and sound urban planning too wonkish to be politically effective? By 'politically effective' I do not mean are we demonizing or attacking our political opponents, but are we practicing a clean, respectful, and effective approach to public policy debate with a strategy that acknowledges some of our opponents practice dirty politics?

Personally, I do not think we are. I think we're like the scientific community around anthropogenic climate change: we're earnest, fact- and data- driven but hopelessly naive when it comes to political effectiveness. We want to listen to other perspectives - which is good, we should not stop doing so- but I think we've been perhaps too slow to recognize and expose in a politically effective manner disingenuous or manipulative discourse meant to preserve the status quo. I'm afraid of a slow-motion whittling down of good ideas until we're stuck with mediocre results.

For all the good ideas we bounce back and forth around here, without political effectiveness we're just talking about castles in the sky.

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