Seven Points Uptown (Calhoun Square)

Calhoun-Isles, Cedar-Riverside, Longfellow, Nokomis, Phillips, Powderhorn, and Southwest
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Re: Calhoun Square

Postby TroyGBiv » October 24th, 2020, 11:02 am

I immediately knew what the name referenced. But I am an “agency guy”. As an agency guy I also immediately knew that this new place name has no meaning to anyone. This little random reference to 7 points on the sign is not relevant to anything. How about “Many Empty Storefronts” using the same feeble logic. The area is the Uptown... not putting that in the name was professional marketing malpractice. Place names tell you where something is located... Seven Corners is the intersection of Washington and Cedar... 5 Points is in Denver... place names matter... They blew it on this...

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