1930 Hennepin Ave

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1930 Hennepin Ave

Postby VacantLuxuries » October 11th, 2018, 3:58 pm

Office and apartments sliding in between existing retail and Lowry Hill Liquors. I thought at first it was Hennepin fronted, but it seems like the office lobby is on Colfax and the apartment lobby faces the alley. Facing Hennepin is... a common space, bike storage, and the entrance to underground parking. Woof.

http://www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/www/gro ... 214659.pdf

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Re: 1930 Hennepin Ave

Postby jtoemke » October 11th, 2018, 4:11 pm

Curb cut needs to 100% be on Colfax. Pass.

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Re: 1930 Hennepin Ave

Postby Anondson » October 11th, 2018, 4:14 pm

Wasn’t this site proposed as youth housing recently?

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Re: 1930 Hennepin Ave

Postby VacantLuxuries » October 11th, 2018, 4:32 pm

Youth housing is one of the floors of apartments

is great.
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Re: 1930 Hennepin Ave

Postby MNdible » October 11th, 2018, 4:53 pm

Sounds like moving the curb cut to Hennepin was done because that's what the neighborhood told them to do.
05.01.2018 – Meeting with LHNA (4 Stories, 41 Units, FAR – 2.7)
Alterations made to the building based on LHNA’s comments
• Removed building access from Colfax and moved it to the existing curb cut location on Hennepin
• Move the office program to Colfax to successfully activate the base of the project along three sides improving: safety site lines, pedestrian connections from Colfax to Hennepin and providing parking access that will not encroach over the property line

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Re: 1930 Hennepin Ave

Postby amiller92 » October 12th, 2018, 8:54 am

Yes, I recall that from awhile back. Still, no. A curb cut on Hennepin when Colfax is available is insane.

Why are people so frickin' crazy about parking? Do they think people just drive in and out of their parkment parking lot all day?

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Re: 1930 Hennepin Ave

Postby xandrex » October 12th, 2018, 10:06 am

The Hennepin frontage is blah. A full third of it just a parking garage entrance.

Obviously, the neighborhood fought for the change, and maybe it's better to have frontage on Colfax, because Hennepin is pretty blah here...but it's going to make getting in and out of this garage a nightmare. If you're coming from the south on, say, Hennepin, you'll need to turn left on Franklin, go past the building on Colfax, turn right on Lincoln, and then right onto Hennepin. Need to leave and head north? Well, you'll need to leave on Hennepin, right on Franklin, then Colfax, up to Douglas, the jughandle, and then Groveland Terrace.

I just don't see how this cuts down on traffic on Colfax at all, and it keeps the Hennepin side dead.

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Re: 1930 Hennepin Ave

Postby mattaudio » October 12th, 2018, 10:37 am

I submitted the following comment.
Janelle, thanks for your tireless work to help a great city rise. I have a major concern for the 1930 Hennepin project that I hope the CPC and developer can consider:

The curb cut for parking on Hennepin is absolutely unacceptable and must be changed. Hennepin is one of Minneapolis’ premiere urban corridors. Colfax Ave S is as if an alley by comparison. The parking access must be moved to Colfax.
1. The front of the building is Hennepin Avenue. This is evidenced by the address of the project, the fact that Hennepin Ave is a designated Commercial Corridor, and the character of commercial and mixed-use zoning on Hennepin Ave and not on Colfax, and the fact that Hennepin Ave is a through street but Colfax Ave terminates at the end of the block.
2. Siting parking access on Hennepin Ave rather than Colfax seems to run counter to Minneapolis Plan for Sustainable Growth guidance, draft Minneapolis 2040 guidance, and countless best practices and acceptable standards.
3. Curb cuts on Hennepin create conflict points with pedestrians on the sidewalk, and this plan would create significant danger and hostility towards pedestrians walking on the Hennepin Avenue sidewalk through this designated Commercial Corridor.
4. The curb cut as shown on page 20 of the packet results in vehicles encroaching upon the sidewalk while they wait for a garage door to open. This pushes sidewalk users into the street to get around motorists waiting to enter the garage, which is extremely unsafe compared even to curb cuts for un-gated surface parking lots.
5. Curb cuts are problematic to vehicular traffic on Hennepin Avenue, especially by encouraging left turns onto or off of northbound Hennepin Avenue.
6. Curb cuts harm parking for neighboring businesses on Hennepin Avenue, a designated Commercial Corridor. Having a curb cut on Hennepin Avenue removes at least two on-street parking spaces that provide vehicular access to motorists patronizing the other storefronts on the designated Commercial Corridor.
7. This curb cut would threaten the effectiveness of future E Line Arterial BRT on Hennepin Avenue connecting Uptown, Downtown, and other destinations. According to City documents released earlier this year, approximately half of all people traveling on Hennepin Avenue during peak hours are in buses. It would be a significant mistake to threaten the mobility of dozens or hundreds of bus riders on Hennepin Avenue because a motorist needs to wait to turn into one of thirteen parking stalls.
8. This project lacks a storefront facing Hennepin Avenue, the designated commercial corridor. There’s an existing storefront space (Bradstreet, previously Rye) which has housed beloved neighborhood businesses and added to the vitality and human-scale walkability of Hennepin Avenue, a designated Commercial Corridor. This is especially important because the opposite side of Hennepin Ave is an unpleasant mix of freeway ramps without a sidewalk. All pedestrian traffic between Loring Park and Hennepin Ave is funneled in front of this property. Having a garage door on Hennepin Avenue instead of a commercial storefront represents a loss of neighborhood vitality and runs counter to the character of the neighborhood.

There’s lots of other feedback I could provide. The FAR and height seem too low, especially given there are taller buildings as you move away from the core commercial corridor of the neighborhood and into lesser neighborhood-interior blocks west of Colfax. But ultimately any project that adds much-needed housing is a net gain. But that shouldn’t come at the expense of storefront space, walkability, and mobility for Hennepin Avenue. The parking access on Hennepin Avenue should be a non-starter, and I urge the CPC to make clear they will not support any design with a curb cut on Hennepin.

Thanks for passing this along!

Matt Steele

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Re: 1930 Hennepin Ave

Postby lordmoke » November 3rd, 2020, 4:45 pm

This is well underway. Demo complete, excavation ongoing.

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