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Postby Austinite » September 29th, 2020, 8:10 am

I don't think Anoka get's enough attention on this forum. The city has really made huge improvements to its downtown public realm and has worked to maintain it's historic character. They completed a new park along it's riverfront and several new housing developments have gone up.

Here is a link about two more developments, including a workforce apartment to be built by the Northstar Line. ... bf3e8.html.

Grew up in Anoka during the 80's. While the northern suburbs may get a bad rap for being more conservative, there are some great things about this town. Would love for it to attract a grocery store downtown again.

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Re: Anoka

Postby Austinite » September 29th, 2020, 8:18 am

Speak of the devil. Not sure of the latest news - but an article from Feb. about a potential grocery store going in next to the Anoka H.S. Would have preferred something downtown, but this is still a plus. ... 24526.html

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Re: Anoka

Postby spearson » December 28th, 2020, 4:11 pm

Lots happening in Anoka.

- Development posted above is in progress, looks nice.

- A few of the old cottages from the mental hospital have been successfully transformed into Veteran housing.

- The senior living complex Homestead, is gearing up toward phase 3 of their development (over by Northstar and above cottages)

- Police Department is about to start construction on a new Animal Control/Training Facility (with basement firing range).

- New Asian/Jamaican restaurant in the old Postal Service building (with speakeasy in basement)

- 201 Tavern opened a new speakeasy type bar in a old smokeshop next door.

- The old AAMCO Transmission lot at 7th and Main has been cleared for possible apartment development.

- Walker senior center downtown added a new building across the street (few years old)

- Across the street from the old Sandburg Middle School (now Anoka Henn Dist 11 offices) a large townhouse development was completed last year.

Future stuff:
- Hwy 10 through Anoka is getting rebuilt
- Anoka is really pushing for development around their Northstar station.
- The river side of ferry street between Main and the Mississippi has a big future park projected in the works where all the empty lots are.
- Recently received a survey about a ferry street pedestrian underpass project in that same area
- A 55+ condo/apartment project has been on and off again on a big lot downtown.
- and that Grocery Store project, but I thought that was dead, not 100% sure though.
- secretly hoping that Jackson Street where all the bars are becomes more of a greenway with limited traffic. Having all the street dining this summer was really nice

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