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Postby mulad » November 16th, 2012, 3:31 pm

Looks like the city of Champlin (just across the river from Anoka via U.S. 169) is planning a major redevelopment on a 70-acre area along the Mississippi River. They received a $1 million Livable Communities grant from the Metropolitan Council:
Mississippi Crossing, Champlin--$1,000,000 to support the multi-phased redevelopment of a 70-acre area along the Mississippi River. The lead and signature project the Council is facilitating is a two-story restaurant/event center, a 3.5-acre village green and riverfront amphitheatre, a 120-unit market-rate apartment building and parking garage. The riverfront plan calls for hundreds of housing units, market-rate and affordable, retail and office space, eateries and a hotel, drawing traffic from land and water.
Digging through some articles online, it appears that the city has been acquiring parcels for about 5 years. Based on the last few places they've purchased, it looks like this will go in the slice of land between U.S. 169 (Ferry Street/West River Road) and the river.

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Mississippi Crossings, 60 acre mixed use - Champlin

Postby Anondson » May 14th, 2014, 1:40 pm

The city of Champlin spent $15 million acquiring the land and upgrading the utilities to make this redevelopment of the Champlin side of the Hwy 169 bridge over the Mississippi River. ... oject.html

Hope for construction by a developer to begin this fall or spring 2015.

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Re: Champlin

Postby mamundsen » September 28th, 2020, 6:57 pm

My cousin just shared the Champlin post about this development. ... amenities/
High amenity market-rate apartments: The first phase of development kicks off with 214 units, comprising over 175,000 rentable square feet with alcove, 1, 2, and 3-bedroom units, lifestyle amenities, an outdoor pool, and two public pickleball courts.

Green space expansion: The newly developed City park area will include a community park pavilion, public plaza, and open space areas, along with youth play equipment and an outdoor performance area. Brandsted says, there will be nearly 20,000 square feet of new outdoor community amenities being added to the Champlin riverfront.

Public docks: Boating will naturally be a major part of Mississippi Crossings, and the public dock areas will provide access to riverfront dining and entertainment opportunities to the residents of the northwest metropolitan area.

Abrinas on the River: This 19,000 square foot event center will be a resource for residents and visitors, as well as community clubs and businesses, with a 6,000-square-foot rooftop space.

Dock 21 restaurant: The eatery’s name is a nod to the fact that Champlin is just 21 minutes from Minneapolis, and that the development will be completed in 2021. This laidback, waterfront dining option will be perfect for those wanting casual dining options, on what surely will be one of the finest waterfront patio areas in the metro area. Dock 21 will feature indoor and outdoor dining opportunities, as well as grab-and-go food service from the public docks.
Looks very ambitious (for Champlin), but then I see it was supposed to happen 5 years ago.

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Re: Champlin

Postby NickP » September 29th, 2020, 7:41 pm

I drive by this site often on the way to visit my nephews. Thanks for clearing up what is going on.

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