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Re: Bicycle Infrastructure

Postby Tiller » October 16th, 2020, 3:57 am

List of Bike / Ped projects in the Bonding Bill:

$1740 Blazing Star State Trail
$1000 Camp Ripley / Veterans State Trail
$2000 Heartlands State Trail
$2000 Itasca State Park to Heartland Trail Connections
$3000 Safe Routes to School
$1500 Hastings MN 316 Bike Trail
$2200 Rogers Ped and Bike Bridge (this will be a bit west of MN 101
$2000 Shakopee US 169 Ped overpass (between CSAH 21 and Mystic Lake Drive
$500 Rice Creek North Regional Trail
$3600 White Bear Trails
Are those numbers supposed to be in units of thousands? (like $3M for Safe Routes to School?)

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Re: Bicycle Infrastructure

Postby Mdcastle » October 16th, 2020, 5:56 am

Yes, units of thousands. Also:

$2000 Winona Riverfront Trail

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Re: Bicycle Infrastructure

Postby alexschief » December 3rd, 2020, 8:54 am

Last night, while procrastinating writing something for work, I hopped on to the Franklin West Reconstruction call. In 2022, the city is rebuilding a small but important stretch of Franklin Avenue between Hennepin and Lyndale (west of Lyndale, Franklin is City-owned, east of Lyndale, it's County-owned).

This is a stretch of road that actually has far AADT (6,400) than you'd think. But in the future, it could become absolutely essential to bicyclists. The City is working on a plan for reconstructing Bryant Avenue, which I hope will bring a protected bike lane all the way from 50th to Lake. That would certainly put pressure in the future to extend that facility to Franklin. Either way, at present the route is a popular bike boulevard. The City is also working on their reconstruction plan for Hennepin, which I hope will also include protected bike lanes from Lake to Franklin. The confluence of these two major bicycle routes would be this small stretch of Franklin, where bicyclists would cross to reach the Loring Greenway and go into downtown.


The good news is, the plan that's been developed looks excellent. They've recognized the low AADT in this section makes the current four lane design redundant, so they've added in new bicycle paths protected by the curb and greenspace. At the critical crossing at Bryant, there will be a (mountable for emergency vehicles) median with cut-throughs for bicyclists and refuges for pedestrians. There would also be continental striping. The plan will also add new bus shelters.

It's a really good plan for a small but mighty piece of street. I also learned that Franklin to the west of Hennepin will be repaved next year, and I hope that when the striping for that stretch is decided, the City will paint bike lanes that will provide a future connection to the 21st St LRT station.

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Re: Bicycle Infrastructure

Postby EOst » December 3rd, 2020, 9:45 am

You forgot to mention that Hennepin is also studying changes to their section of Franklin that would mirror this:

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Re: Bicycle Infrastructure

Postby DanPatchToget » December 5th, 2020, 2:28 pm

I drove over to Chanhassen to see progress on the Highway 101 reconstruction. The new trail bridge for the Minnesota River Bluffs LRT Regional Trail is complete, and from what I read on the Three Rivers Park website the trail is now reopen between 101 and Pioneer Trail after being closed since 2014 due to a mudslide.

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Re: Bicycle Infrastructure

Postby SurlyLHT » December 11th, 2020, 12:19 pm

The County is replacing the bridges on W, Broadway between Mpls and Robbinsdale. This includes redoing the local and Grand Rounds trails and intersection beneath the bridges. I am very thankful they got rid of those ramp/ turn lanes that are separate from the intersection with only a yield sign. Cars don't see my here often when I'm running. ... ements.pdf

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Re: Bicycle Infrastructure

Postby MNdible » December 11th, 2020, 1:53 pm

Do you suppose they left enough space between those paired Broadway bridges for center running LRT?

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Re: Bicycle Infrastructure

Postby Trademark » December 14th, 2020, 7:09 pm

From the rethinking I-94 resolution posted by the city of Minneapols

Be It Further Resolved that the Rethinking I-94 Project must provide continuous bicycle/walking
connections over the freeway from Ayd Mill Road in Saint Paul to a future Prospect Park Trail to 27th
Avenue Southeast, improving the pedestrian bridge at Seymour Place as part of the All Ages and Abilities
Network, an improved pedestrian bridge near 22nd Avenue South and a future extension of the Midtown
Greenway in Minneapolis.

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Re: Bicycle Infrastructure

Postby grant1simons2 » January 25th, 2021, 12:15 pm

A little propaganda for the day.

"Why Canadians Can't Bike in the Winter (but Finnish people can)" ... =emb_title

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Re: Bicycle Infrastructure

Postby Korh » January 25th, 2021, 1:00 pm

Just saw the video myself and was about to post it.
Interesting how the trails in the Finnish city seemed to be packed down a little kind of like cross country ski trails and the fact that they project trail markings onto the snow is actually kinda cool.

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