Blue Line (Hiawatha LRT)

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Re: Blue Line (Hiawatha LRT)

Postby Qhaberl » February 18th, 2019, 10:10 am

Meandering back to the topic of the blue line:

I agree with what many others have said on the site. I would actually be OK with illuminating one of the two Southloop stations.

It feels like they’re trying to make the Bloomington central station area into a bedroom community. The only people there are the people who live there. It really is a shame.

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Re: Blue Line (Hiawatha LRT)

Postby alexschief » February 18th, 2019, 11:33 am

Bill Lindeke put it well a few years ago: Density Without Mixed-Use Baffles Me.

This basically applies to the South Loop. Back in the early 00's, if you would've known how trends in urban development would go, you would never have planned the LRT as they did, with three stations in an area that at best needed one. But back then, it probably seemed realistic that the South Loop-American Blvd area would become a "retrofitting the suburbs" quasi-urban zone that could be mildly redeemed by transit. Similar ideas are still at play all over the place, for example with the Silver Line extension for the DC Metro. But the urban landscape is not so easily transformed, which is why South Loop boosters are looking towards a moonshot like the World's Fair to try to get money and political capital into the area.

I'm not sure it makes a ton of sense to remove or close a station or two now. Since the South Loop is at the far end of the line, the extra station(s) aren't an aggravation to too many people. The best thing that could be done would be to take the L and continue to develop the South Loop area, just make sure it's done well, forcing developers to include retail spaces even if they might take years to lease, and redesigning the roads down there with paint and curbs to make it less of a wasteland.

Would've been a good place for the Vikings training center that ended up in Eagan.

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Re: Blue Line (Hiawatha LRT)

Postby DanPatchToget » February 18th, 2019, 5:35 pm

Alright who else is going to be like me and instead of being passive aggressive tell people they can't smoke on the train when they start smoking? I've only seen it twice (one of those times being today), and I'm already sick of it. We're going to lose riders if people continue to smoke on the train and no one tells them to stop.

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Re: Blue Line (Hiawatha LRT)

Postby twincitizen » February 24th, 2019, 3:26 pm

How are there not smoke detectors on the trains? Or if there are, they clearly aren’t sensitive enough. You’d think a loud, ongoing alarm would be a solid deterrent (and alert Metro Transit to the smoker’s location). Even if the smoker was undeterred by an alarm, the other passengers would be much more likely to speak up and or throw them off the train

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Re: Blue Line (Hiawatha LRT)

Postby Oreos&Milk » February 24th, 2019, 3:42 pm

I never seen anybody smoke on a train before.. on the station platform yes, still wrong there too but I don't say anything since I just go to the other side of the station anyways.. but if I was stuck with somebody smoking on the train i'd probably take a picture and send it to Metro Transit with a long winded angry message. I wouldn't confront them directly to many wackjobs out there that ride the train who arent all there.. Maybe there is some tech where ya can text MT. and they can send a MT officer to the train if there is one near by? Either way those cameras in the trains should be able to catch it too shouldn't they?

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Re: Blue Line (Hiawatha LRT)

Postby COLSLAW5 » February 25th, 2019, 7:55 am

Maybe there is some tech where ya can text MT. and they can send a MT officer to the train if there is one near by?

There is! never used it so I don't know how it works but its there.

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Re: Blue Line (Hiawatha LRT)

Postby FISHMANPET » February 25th, 2019, 1:46 pm

I've used it a few times, you connect with someone in the dispatch center I think, they seem to be in direct communication with officer dispatch based on the few times I've used it.

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Re: Blue Line (Hiawatha LRT)

Postby EOst » February 13th, 2020, 9:33 am

MnDOT looking to upgrade the signals at Blue Line and 35th St: ... d-TIP.aspx

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Re: Blue Line (Hiawatha LRT)

Postby David Greene » February 13th, 2020, 11:17 am

Don't say much about what "upgrade" means. Better sensors/timing?

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