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Re: Street, Road and Highway Projects

Postby Mdcastle » October 15th, 2020, 8:22 pm

Good thing self-driving cars are just down the road. They'll provide the freedom that cars provide to people that can't drive conventional cars (or that just prefer the freedom to read instead of drive). There's as story in today's Strib that self-driving cars were approved to go completely driverless next year in San Francisco.

And I agree for the most part driving sucks. It might be fun for a while on scenic drives in the country but after a few hours That's why I'm anxiously awaiting self-driving models. Right now I only get to Chicago every couple of years because the choices are either fly and rent a car when I'm there, or else drive for essentially all day. Would make weekend trips a lot more feasible if Friday overnight and Sunday overnight could be time spent having the car drive me there. Same with weekend trips to say the Black Hills, or farther up the North Shore.


Highlights from the Bonding Bill that just passed the House and Senate and the governor promises to sign: (project dollars in thousands):

$75,000: Undesignated Local Road Improvement Fund Grants

$1500: Converting the half-interchange at MN 610 and East River Road to full access

$8400: Ferry Street and US 10 Interchange Reconstruction. There is an upcoming project to replace the Rum River bridge, additional funding was sought to rebuild the badly over capacity interchange and build a Ferry Street railroad overpass, which also causes congestion, divides the community, and was the site of several fatalities

$1500 Interchange at MN 65 and 109th Street. This was the third busiest at-grade intersection in the state when I wrote a article back in 2015

$4000 Narrow Diffley Road from five lanes to two and build two roundabouts in front of the middle school (just east of the school is the current transition from five lanes to three

$6500 Reconstructing the Douglas Drive and MN 55 interesection to include a roundabout on the frontage road

$13,000 A county owned extension of MN 610 east to CSAH 30

$1000: Extend CSAH 15 / Morninside Ave in Glencoe to reroute through traffic away from a residential area.

$1500 Convert the County J and I-35E to full access and related work including a bicycle facility on County J. The existing interchange is over-capacity, as an interim measure a temporary signal was installed on the northbound ramp to keep traffic from backing up onto the freeway

$6000: The Richield 77th Street (for now) underpass under MN 77

$5500: Various local roads in Sartell

$14,000 Sibley CSAH 6 reconstruction including raising the road out of the 50 year flood plan and adding bicycle lanes.

$5269 The MN 13 and Dakota / Yosemite interchange in Savage

$2000 The Zimmerman US 169 interchange. An interchange was recommended here as far back as the early 2000s but is larger in scope than the typical "replace a small town signal with an interchange" due to relocating the mainline to the east and large property takeings.

$3000 Reconstruct Jefferson Drive in Zumbrota, still with the 1930s concrete pavement from it's days as US 52

$30,000 Undesignated local bridges

$52,000 Replace the Third / Kellogg Bridge in St Paul, despite being 1980s vintage it has severe structural issues

$2682 Highway 65 flood mitigation in Albert Lea

$8000 A reconstruction of a section of US 8 in Chisago County from I-35 to Karmel Ave, to include bicycle trails. This bumps up a planned resurfacing to a full reconstruction

$1800 Henderson Flood Mitigation on Highway 93. Regularly the routes south, east, and north of downtown flood, leaving the sole access from the west. Projects wre studied before but did not advance because improving none of the three accesses had a benefit / cost greater than 1. Of those raising 93 was the most "cost effective".

$6000 new overpass at 7th Street and new interchange at CSAH 104 on US 14 east of Rochester. These are the first at-grade intersections west of Rochester and are safety and operational concerns.

$3000 to the interchange at MN 36 and Manning Ave to begin construction next year

$3000 Railroad grade separation at CSAH 24 in International Falls

$10,000 Railroad grade separation at Sturgeon Lake road in Red Wing

$4090 City of Anandale local street and utility work to be done at the same time as an upcoming project on MN 24 and MN 55

$20,500 Streets and Utilities for an industrial park in Becker.

$84,000 undesignated trunk highway construction

$110,000 undesignated trunk highway railroad grade separations

$25,000 trunk high project development

$23,000 flood mitigation for projects that are undesignated but must be in Sibley and LeSueur Counties

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Re: Street, Road and Highway Projects

Postby alexschief » October 16th, 2020, 6:51 am

Self-driving cars have been "just down the road" for a while now. I remember a lecture I attended in 2015 where I was told that CAVs would be in mass production by 2019 at the latest. As far as I know they still can't figure out how to drive in a rainstorm, and the number of operator interventions for all of the testing companies still well exceed their goals. Level 5 automation is still a long way away, and while it makes sense to do some planning for it, it doesn't make sense to count on it.

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Re: Street, Road and Highway Projects

Postby VacantLuxuries » October 16th, 2020, 10:47 am

Imagine if we refused to build international airports because the futurists of the 50s had convinced everyone that there was no need, because flying cars were just around the corner. And how about that fusion reactor that's just around the corner? Or everything being made out of graphene?

I'd rather we solve today's problems with today's technology instead of assuming the solution will just magic itself into existence. Especially if we're not publicly finding the research and have no say in the outcome.

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Re: Street, Road and Highway Projects

Postby SurlyLHT » October 16th, 2020, 11:00 am

I don't know about the E. River Road/610 Interchange. But, it is great to see the Kellogg Bridge on this list. With regards to automatic cars, I feel like more and more of our driving and overall activities is basically AI assisted. I drove to Bemidiji and was only using and old school Garmin GPS unit and the simple alerts and showing me what roads were ahead in the dark and etc created a completely different experience than I have had driving rural two-laners without that. Honestly, changing traffic patterns due to COVID are more likely to have an immediate effect with us working from home and ordering everything through our phones. What percent of formerly expected workers have to work from home to change the expected needs of highway infrastructure?

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Re: Street, Road and Highway Projects

Postby karlshea » October 22nd, 2020, 2:13 pm

Level 5 automation is not coming anytime soon.

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Re: Street, Road and Highway Projects

Postby Tcmetro » October 23rd, 2020, 6:56 am

There are a few zoom meetings next week about the future of Hwy 47/65 (University/Central Aves) from Minneapolis to Hwy 10/Northtown area.

Project website:

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