Arterial Bus Rapid Transit Corridors

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Re: Arterial Bus Rapid Transit Corridors

Postby EOst » February 23rd, 2021, 9:16 am

But still. People hate transfers, even if it's to another aBRT. And the eastsiders are much more likely to want to go to downtown St. Paul anyway.
Eastsiders won't lose direct-to-downtown options from Como-Maryland; the buses on Payne, Arcade, E 7th, etc. will continue to go downtown, and you'll have Rush Line and Gold Line on top. The people losing their one-seat ride to downtown (assuming Route 3A goes away, which is not clear) would be people on Maryland/Como between Rice and Snelling.

In fact, Como-Maryland *creates* a one-seat ride from most of the Eastside to downtown Minneapolis, which I think is a worthwhile trade-off.

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Re: Arterial Bus Rapid Transit Corridors

Postby StandishGuy » March 7th, 2021, 11:52 am

It will be great that many of major Minneapolis corridors will be served by ABRT by 2030 including Penn Ave N., Chicago Ave S., Lake St., Hennepin Ave, University/ 4th, and Central. However, it is so frustrating that so many other corridors that travel through dense, walkable places and have big populations of transit-dependent people will not get served with upgraded bus service in the next decade. Franklin Ave, Lowry Ave and Nicollet among others need better service now.

The recently approved Minneapolis Transportation Action Plan's Transit section was pretty underwhelming with few specifics. IMO the City should look into implementing a "Transit Benefit District" like they have in Seattle which has their taxpayers contributing extra funds to add bus service including higher frequencies.

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