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Re: Riverview Corridor Streetcar

Postby tmart » February 4th, 2021, 1:49 pm

I agree that there are too many stations planned; it would be smart to consolidate the Davern and Homer stops into a single station somewhere like Rankin or Madison. I think especially given that other concessions have already been made that will slow things down (like less traffic separation/a mixed-traffic segment) the criticism is particularly salient.
I dunno, back when CCLRT was being planned I didn't want them to build the infill stations because it would slow down the line, but I was wrong - accessibility and mobility isn't the same as speed, and when the two come in conflict with each other, accessibility and mobility is the more important of the two most of the time. Two additional stops won't change the end-to-end time enough to make a useful mode unuseful, and so based on the experiences we've seen with the CCLRT - where the infill stations have had significantly better ridership than expected, and where their inclusion sent a clear signal about the line's commitment to mobility and accessibility for the communities most impacted by the line's construction - I'd lean toward keeping more stations.
I agree with the principle but I just don't see how these two stations--especially Maynard--improve mobility in a meaningful way. The current plan is basically to serve both ends of the Sibley Plaza parking lot! Neither stop has any walkshed on the northwest side of 7th, either, and the Homer stop is just the edge of an industrial park. Even from a pure mobility perspective I think Madison has a stronger argument than either of these two--it more directly serves the apartment buildings to its south, and it's accessible from the other side of the street (St. Paul Ave).

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