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Posted: October 7th, 2014, 10:28 am
by fehler
I don't usually do this on boards, but hey.

My son Thomas is selling popcorn and Christmas Wreaths for his Boy Scout Troop (Troop 38, in Standish Ericcson, Minneapolis). He's currently short about $50 from his $650 goal, so he asked for some extra help from me to get there before he goes camping this weekend.

Regular 26" Christmas Wreaths are $18. Unpopped popping kernels and regular caramel corn are $10, larger bags of chocolate-drizzle caramel corn, caramel corn with nuts, or 18-pack cases of microwave popcorn are $20. Drop me a board message, or e-mail me at fehlerd @ for more details.

For some of the "urbanist" things Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts do, we've rode the LRT (with each boy purchasing their own ticket at the machine), plotted out trips using bus schedules (figuring out "when do we have to leave" issues), and taken care of our local parks and natural features. We've visited a construction site (a house), and the Cubs got a look at all the blueprints and the stack of paper forms/licenses/approvals the contractor had (in addition to the cool tools). We've had our local Parks Board representative and State Representative come in and talk about what they do and how they can get involved in community government. The Troop is very heavy into biking, several having completed a 50 mile bike ride in September (and a couple took a 100 mile trek last summer) with numerous smaller treks leading up to those. One of our recent Eagle Scouts led a service project collecting and repairing donated bicycles (I forgot the group he partnered with).