Highland Bridge: Ford Site Redevelopment

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Re: Highland Bridge: Ford Site Redevelopment

Postby seanrichardryan » February 20th, 2021, 11:13 am

The first 20 'single-family' homesites went up for sale. More than half (11) are now reserved.
https://myvillager.com/2021/02/17/home- ... nd-bridge/

Some of the lots are HUGE. You could build a nice cluster development on an 82'x240' lot. I'd imagine each property will have an ADU of some kind at the least. Zoning allow 1-6 units per lot.
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Re: Highland Bridge: Ford Site Redevelopment

Postby Mdcastle » February 20th, 2021, 2:05 pm

What indication is there that every property will have an ADU? Just because you're rich enough to buy a huge lot and are permitted to build an ADU doesn't necessarily mean you want one.

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Re: Highland Bridge: Ford Site Redevelopment

Postby Cat349F » February 21st, 2021, 12:54 pm

Bohland is finished, (curb and paved) up to Woodlawn from Mississippi Boulevard. Woodlawn, Mount Curve, and Cretin are all ready for curb and paving this spring.
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