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Northeast, Near North, Camden, Old St. Anthony, University and surrounding neighborhoods
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Re: Northeast and Southeast Minneapolis - General Topics

Postby drgrant » June 21st, 2021, 3:00 pm

This area desperately needs a district parking ramp instead of every building providing its own surface lot.
If they got rid of most of the street parking, this could be the city's first real woonerf. It already kind of functions that way, the lines between street, sidewalk, parking lot, and outdoor dining/drinking are very blurry.

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Re: Northeast and Southeast Minneapolis - General Topics

Postby Blaisdell Greenway » August 27th, 2021, 9:05 am

I swear there was a thread or at least some discussion of this project, but here's a writeup of Timber and Tie at 14th and Central. 175 units affordable to 60% AMI with 25 MPHA project-based housing vouchers. Several 2-3-4 bedroom units which is pretty swell. Delivered early and 70% leased. I think it looks better than many of S-R's North Loop developments. ... in-cities/

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Re: Northeast and Southeast Minneapolis - General Topics

Postby MNdible » August 27th, 2021, 10:10 am

"Downtown Minneapolis"
Timber and Tie’s larger apartments – those two- through four-bedroom units – give families with lower incomes the opportunity to rent in downtown Minneapolis.

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Re: Northeast and Southeast Minneapolis - General Topics

Postby twincitizen » August 31st, 2021, 1:39 pm

Obviously calling 14th Ave NE "downtown" is laughable, but I do think at some point the City should formally acknowledge that the east riverfront, from Nicollet Island / BNSF tracks down to 35W is a neighborhood of greater downtown, just as much (if not more so) as the furthest reaches of North Loop or Elliot Park are considered downtown neighborhoods. I know the Downtown Council has long included the east riverfront in their "downtown residents" counts for bragging purposes, but I think it's time the city officially recognize that as well. There simultaneously ought to be a reorganization of the boundaries of NEIBNA/Marcy-Holmes, as well as Downtown/DTE/Elliot Park (i.e. neither East Town or Mill District are formal entities as far as the city is concerned)

This conversation naturally leads to re-picking the scab of "what the hell should we call this area?" (e.g. Old St. Anthony, Downtown Northeast, CenHen, Ye Olde Towne, etc.)

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Re: Northeast and Southeast Minneapolis - General Topics

Postby Blaisdell Greenway » September 1st, 2021, 12:24 pm

Even though west of Central is already the official Arts District, Central/Broadway is prime for some branding as the "Brewery District" or something. Or even Central/Broadway branding.

As an aside, I grew up in rural Cook County IL, and we referred to ourselves as "Chicago." Anything within Chicago city limits was called "downtown." So even if you were going to the far south side, just as far from downtown as our small town, you were going "downtown." Nobody ever pretended we lived in the big city but culturally of course we considered ourselves "Chicago." Don't know if it's still like that - my isolated rural town grew into a bedroom suburb over the decades.

Haven't noticed this as much here (unless it's businesses based in Golden Valley or Normandale), but I can see why a national trade journal unfamiliar with Minneapolis would call this downtown, especially since most (all?) of S-R's ground-up buildings are downtown/NL.

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Re: Northeast (and Southeast) - General Topics

Postby BruiserB » September 13th, 2021, 1:20 pm

Does anyone know if the Costco Business Center will have a gas station? Drove by there yesterday and was surprised by the amount of dirt being pushed around. More than I would have expected for a simple parking lot repaving. Are they burying tanks? Would love to have a Costco Gas station close by.
So glad they finally built the gas station...not sure what took so long. I was told they day they opened the store that the gas station was coming soon. I've had staff tell me that there were delays getting construction started and again delays even during construction. It's great to have this in the city without having to try to stop at one of the suburban locations with maze like parking lots. So far no lines and very easy in and out. I'm sure it will get more traffic with time.

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Re: Northeast and Southeast Minneapolis - General Topics

Postby HiawathaGuy » September 15th, 2021, 3:19 pm

The Gasthof property (half a block, 1.2 acres) is for sale for $3.1MM. At that price they are definitely targeting redevelopment, not someone to take over and run the restaurant. The description in the listing confirms. ... 18-5496081
Sold for $2.05m, including four adjacent parcels.
The buyer, seller and broker declined to comment Wednesday on what the future might hold for the site, but real estate documents describe the planned use as “institutional/education properties/apprenticeship schools.”. ... etches-2m/

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Re: Northeast and Southeast Minneapolis - General Topics

Postby Silophant » September 15th, 2021, 9:14 pm

Hm. I'd feel a lot better if the 2040 plan had made University Ave Corridor 6, with its two-story height minimum, instead of Corridor 4. We'll see what they propose, I guess. Hope it's not just a reuse of the existing building.

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